Friendly Potato Editor

Simple visual dialogue editor using the Friendly Potato Dialogue system. A runner is included in the utils folder.

Append/Load do not  work in the web version. You must drag/drop files into the editor for them to be appended to the current screen. 

External functions do not work in editor. They must be implemented in your own Godot scenes.


Control + Enter: Add new dialogue node

Control + Scroll Wheel: Zoom in/out

Control + Middle Click: Pan editor

User Guide

Create nodes and fill them out.

Saving a file marshals all data into a json file. This file can be passed to friend-potato-dialogue-runner to be parsed and run.

 Loading a file clears the current editor screen and replaces it with the given file. Append does the same thing as load but does not clear the editor screen. This allows you to split dialogue into smaller chunks and then merge them together at a later date.

License and source

MIT Licensed

GitHub link:


Download 12 MB
Download 14 MB
Download 13 MB


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