A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Have you ever rolled your face on your keyboard and thought: "Hey, I wish someone could gamify this. I also wish my friend could do this with me!"

Well random internet stranger, you are in luck! Not Enough Room in this Space[bar] brings you the lowest tier of gaming, playable with or without a friend. No limbs required! (You still need your head)
Mash keys on your keyboard to turn adjacent keys to your color. Try not to accidentally mash your opponent's keys, since there's no way for me to enforce the rules in real life. In fact, let's call that a feature!

- Heartpounding local multiplayer action!
- Minimal UI elements so that more of your attention is focused on breaking your keyboard!
- A pure experience showcasing one feature and one feature only!
- A deep solo player experience nested within the multiplayer mode, as I can't prevent you from being Player 1 and Player 2 at the same time!

Known bugs

  • Sometimes the Left Brace key refuses to accept an input. This is a bug in Godot 3's export process. If you really want to mash your face against your keyboard, download the source from my Github and the Godot 3 engine (they're both pretty lightweight).

Designer/Developer/Artist/Musician Retrospective
On a more serious note, my design for this game was way too lax. I originally had a few, very solid ideas lined up but decided to go with something more wacky at my roommate's suggestion. Instead of doing the planning work for how everything would work out, I just started work immediately and made things up as I went. Definitely not a good choice.

The coding for this jam did not go as planned. My initial design for how the code should have been structured was extremely sub-optimal. This made adding additional features beyond, mash buttons win game, difficult. You can take a look at the garbage on my Github page. Please pay attention to how overloaded each Key.gd class is with logic.

The art process was hampered by the fact I tried to procedurally generate each key that I needed instead of just creating a separate asset for each key. That was a mistake because it was a huge time sink, and the results of that endeavor weren't great. If I had to do it again, I would go for a hand-drawn look. It probably would have taken less time and the aesthetic would have fit the game better.

The music creation process went the best for this jam. I got everything slapped together in about 5 hours, which I think wasn't too bad. I liked the result but the energy of the music probably fit a more structured, arcadey kind of game more.


Not Enough Room in this Spacebar LINUX.zip 15 MB
Not Enough Room in this Spacebar MACOS.zip 30 MB
Not Enough Room in this Spacebar WINDOWS.zip 14 MB

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