Party Rotations

Try to optimize your skill rotations in order to defeat the monsters quicker!

Github repo with details on which asset packs were used


If you have played League of Legends or Dota 2 with quick cast off, these controls should be familiar

  • Right click: move unit
  • Left click: cast queued skill
  • (Q/W/E/R): queue skill
  • (1/2/3/4): switch unit

Unit skills


  • Q: Spear thrust
    • Thrusts a spear forward doing a little damage and knockback
  • W: Dash
    • Dash towards a given position
  • E: Spear throw
    • Throw 3 spears in a given direction doing damage and knockback
  • R: Spear bomb
    • Summon a spear at a position doing a large amount of damage

Unit 2

  • Q: Slash
    • A short-ranged sword slash that does a little damage and knockback
  • W: Shields up
    • A slow shield bash that does a little damage, knockback, and increases defense for a bit
  • E: Snacc
    • Restore health for the entire party
  • R: Sword time
    • Buff the entire party's damage output for a short while

Unit 3

  • Q: Water ball
    • Cast a water ball that does an okay amount of damage in a given direction
  • W: Blood rush
    • Reduces the cooldowns on the entire party's skills
  • E: Poison gas
    • Create a poison cloud that does 1 tick of damage at a given position
  • R: Ice line
    • Cast an ice ball that creates smaller ice balls that do damage

Unit 4

  • Q: Grasping roots
    • Create roots at a given position that do some damage
  • W: Miracle growth
    • Creates a tree at a given position that obstructs movement
  • E: Blasphemous totem
    • Creates a totem at a given position that heals the party
  • R: Hidden path
    • Quickly travel to a location and reduce the entire party's skill cooldowns


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