Please run the game in Firefox, it doesn't seem to work properly in Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer.


  • Movement: WASD
  • Clicking on buttons: Mouse click

Jump on enemies to eliminate them. Try to reach the top of the tower. There's some flavor text at the start if you'd like context. 

A game done for the 48 Secret Jam incorporating the topics of Tomorrow, Tower, and Immune System. This is my first attempt at a game jam and it definitely shows. I spent too much time trying to dynamically generate levels a-la Spelunky, but in the end, came up with nothing. Now there is just one incomplete level.

Development was done in Godot 3 and this was definitely a good learning experience.  

I will continue to work on this in the future adding

  • dynamic level generation
  • random character models to match the names
  • the rest of the game

Take a look at the code here:


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I actually really liked this game. There were a few bugs involving the physics, but all similar to the issues I have and would expect from others. Nice work, you've earned my vote for the jam.